Striding toward Doing

Welcome to Learn + Explore + Share

This blog has come about as part of my journey toward discovering my true path in life. The name Learn + Explore + Share reflects three categories of activities I enjoy most:

  1. Limitless learning would be my ideal career if I could earn a living as a fulltime college student.
  2. Exploring is something I have recently tried consciously to incorporate into my life—whether it means taking a different-than-usual route to get somewhere or vacationing in a not-yet-visited place.
  3. Sharing and connecting meaningfully with with friends and family makes me just plain happy.

At Learn + Explore + Share you can expect to read about my endeavors to make learning, exploring and sharing part of my everyday life. I plan to post personal narratives about my experiences, lists of ideas, and links to resources and other great stuff.

While I may be on my life's true path, I am continually wondering where that path will lead. I am learning to listen to my heart in order to help me stay on my true path. I am exploring my options and trying to stay open to possibility. And with Learn + Explore + Share I am beginning to reach out to share and connect with like-minded people. People like you. People with whom I can learn even more, explore even further and share beyond the boundaries of my physical community.

Welcome to the journey!